Bi.xels is a workshop created for the BioDesign Challenge at the Royal Collegeof Art to allow the students to design, create and monitor their own bio-pixel display made of cell-free extract.

To go beyond just handling tubes and liquids and to engage them in the full process from designing, planning, handling and monitoring we created a set of simple open-source tools.

A simple led-matrix controlled by an app allows the students to design their 8x8 pixel picture choosing their color. The color stand for the circuit they choose. The little device lets you place your PCR tubes on top to mimic the bio-pixel display and will allow in the future to further educational purposes.

Furthermore our transilluminator box allows to excite, monitor, share and compare the biopixel display and to stream it online.

All is open-source and available here:

Tutorial: Bio-Pixel modeller
Tutorial: Cell-free extract
Tutorial: Adjustable monitoring box
Tutorial: Low-cost RPi Timelapse